SSL Streaming for SHOUTcast and Icecast

We provide you with an HTTPS address that you can use wherever you need to and link it to your existing streaming server. No need to change providers, just use the new HTTPS address that we will provide you with and it will link straight through to your existing stream, the new SSL URL acts as a proxy to deliver your SHOUTcast v1, v2 or Icecast stream in full HTTPS error free..

Sign up now and get an HTTPS address that simply forwards to your existing streaming address and make your website HTTPS compliant.

Your custom SSL link is permanate and instantly created/updated after payment.

  • Removes SSL Browser Errors
  • Raw .mp3 link provided
  • Update ip/host, port and mountpoint in seconds, your SSL link never changes
  • .mp3 works in just about any player on the web and is the most common audio format
  • Also includes ssl links already built in to popular aftermarket players.
  • Includes new SHOUTcast cache cleaner that automatically reloads player with fresh content each play
  • Works with SHOUTcast v1, v2 and Icecast, Radionomy, Live365, etc... - any provider
  • Works great with Amazon Alexa Skill for Streaming Radio
  • Works with any stream format (ie mp3, aac+)
  • Our SSL solution comes with your own Control Panel so you can change the information immediately. And as many times as you need. Your updated SSL stream will be available in seconds.

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  • Is your current streaming provider not supporting HTTPS?
  • Do you need to get your stream HTTPS enabled but don't want to change providers?
  • Is your non-HTTPS stream making your new SSL website non-compliant?

SSL / HTTPS Streaming

billed yearly or month to month

  • Control Panel Edit & Make Changes
  • Supports SHOUTCast, IceCast, & More!
  • Remove SSL Browser Errors
  • Secure SSL Radio URL
  • SSL Url With Alexa App
  • No Branding / Linkback
  • 24x7 Support