FREE Mobile Application Development

How would you like to have your own mobile App for your Online Radio station ?
If your station is broadcasting 24/7 then anyone will be able to listen from their mobile device.

Application comes equipped with a variety of amazing features, all of which contribute to an amazing user experience. Including features like custom designing your application, Shoutcast / Icecast / Wowza support,user engagment,social media and alot more...

Only available for Android devices 1 (phone/tablet/tv). App for iOS 2 devices is still in development.

In order to develop your app we will need the following informations/graphic elements:

- Streaming Server address/port
- Station Name/Application Title (max 30 characters)
- Website Address / Facebook Address (if available)
- Station Logo (PNG or PSD format/transparent, 512 x 512 px size min.)
- Background Color or Background Image (800 x 600 px size min.)
- App Icon (72 x 72 px size min.); if this is not available we will create a customized icon

FREE MOBILE APP development

Please send informations to [email protected] in order to develop your app.

Don't need radio streaming ? Get your own mobile app for your radio station!

App Support

Support for SHOUTcast Icecast and WOWza radio streams, MP3 and AAC+ formats. During every song, the artist, as well as the name of the current song, will be displayed near the player.


Listeners love the possibility of being connected to your radio station via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, where they can "like" your station and share their favorite songs.

Multi-Language Support

There are various opinions about supporting your users in different languages, we know that and we will translate the app in your own language at request (default is english).

Unique Design

Give your app a magical appearance and let a professional designer help you. Our selected RCAST developers can design your app to your exact needs. Our team demonstrates dedication to unparalleled standards of quality.

Admob Integration

Add ads and start making money from your app. AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising networks, offering solutions for discovery, branding and monetization on mobile phones

Custom Development

Weaving our cutting-edge development skills with innovative ideas, we aim to deliver an outcome that brings your mobile app to the forefront. Need extra code customization and options? Just drop us a line.

App development & *,1,2 product disclaimers

Depending on the complexity of your project, most applications are usually developed within 12-48 working hours. Depending on your requested, your mobile app is submitted to Google Play 1 or Apple Store 2.

1 Google Play for Android Developer Account required.

There is a $25 one-time fee required to setup a Google Play Developer account.

Click here to setup an account.

Developer invitation required in order to publish on your behalf. Please send invite to [email protected].

2 Apple Store for IOS Developer Account required.

There is a $99/year fee required to setup a developer account and maintain your app in the App Store.

Click here to setup an account.

Developer invitation ("Invite a person to your team") required in order to publish on your behalf. Please send invite to [email protected].