Anti-DDoS Protection for SHOUTcast Internet Radio Streaming

Are you looking for a secure SHOUTcast radio server with low latency, good sound quality and protected from any DDOS attack? You just come to the right place! Our servers deliver the best quality at the lowest latency and totally protected from any DDOS attacks. RCAST servers uses the latest hardware appliances and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS and we are connected to the fastest networks who assure the lowest latency.

What is anti-DDoS protection?

As the volume of data that exists on the internet grows exponentially, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly common.

A DDoS attack aims to make a server, service or infrastructure unavailable (in our case a SHOUTcast radio server). An attack can take on different forms. It may saturate the server`s bandwidth to make it unreachable, or it may overwhelm the machine`s system resources, stopping it from responding to legitimate traffic.

During a DDoS attack, requests are sent in high numbers at the same time from multiple points on the internet. The intensity of this crossfire renders the service unstable, and sometimes unavailable.
RCAST uses this anti-DDoS solution precisely to fight against these distributed denial-of-service attacks. With all of our services, we include a migration solution based on a unique technology, which combines three technologies to:

  • analyze data packets quickly in real-time
  • divert your server`s incoming traffic
  • separate non-legitimate requests from others and let legitimate traffic pass through

  • The progression of a DDoS attack on a radio server :
  • The server is operational. It sends and receives packets normally.
  • A DDoS attack starts in different ways it may overload the bandwidth, or overwhelm the system resources.
  • The network becomes overloaded, and the server is then unable to process legitimate packets among the mass of incoming data.
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